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The Dartts Online Music Store
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Debbie Dartt Ministries
The God On The Mountain Legacy Film Website
Visit our website for the upcoming documentary style film, "The God On The Mountain Legacy". You will find a preview of the film there.
The God On The Mountain Legacy FACEBOOK PAGE
Become a fan of "The God On The Mountain Legacy" on FACEBOOK.
Napa Valley Baptist Church
Visit the website of The Dartts' home church.

BJ Speer
Group Member, BJ Speer has his own website. Check Tour Dates, Pics, and Listen to New projects from BJ.

Billy Speer Ministries
Check out the Ministry of Billy and Paula Speer.

The Weatherfords

Lynda Randle - Gospel Singer
Lynda has recorded Tracy Dartt's song "God On The Mountain", and she has been featured singing the song on several of Bill Gaither's "Homecoming" videos and television specials.
The McKameys - Gospel Singers
The McKameys recorded Tracy Dartt's song "God On The Mountain" back in 1988 & their recording of it became one of the biggest hits in Southern Gospel Music history!
Mark Gray

Praise, INC.