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Oct 7th Tracy & Sharon Update




Greetings to all of our Friends and Fans!
Much has taken place since our last update in March. We are all doing well, with few exceptions. God’s hand of blessing has been evident and has prevailed! Tracy had a pacemaker put in his heart in May, in order to keep his pulse steady while on dialysis. He was coming along very well with his therapy, but had a setback in mid-September. While making a transfer from the wheelchair, he slipped and fell, twisting his ankle and breaking the small leg bone where it joined the ankle bone. “Enter song quote here!” - ("Ankle bone connected to the leg bone, the leg bone connected to the knee bone, the knee bone connected to the thigh bone, now hear the word of the Lord.”) - We were told no standing or walking on that foot for six weeks, and we were expecting a loss of strength, but happily, after a new X-ray he was told that he could stand and walk on that foot, while wearing “the boot!” A therapist has him standing and walking short distances already!! Thank God for answered prayer!! 

Another much welcomed “step” of progress took place the last week of August, when we were able to begin driving to and from the dialysis clinic in our own car, and did not have to have ambulance service any more. It feels so nice to drive down the road together, especially since that’s how we’ve spent most of our years as a couple. 

Stoney has been receiving excellent care at the Cancer Treatment Centers of America facility located near Atlanta, GA. He and BJ travel every month to Atlanta, where Stoney receives an injection to control his symptoms. He is also able to give himself emergency shots at home, if necessary. Many thanks to all who have given toward Stoney’s financial needs this year. It has been overwhelming to watch our God provide through His people for many of his very costly medical expenses & to help sustain him through several months when he was unable to work.

BJ continues to run his own travel agency - “Where U Wanna Go Travel/Tours”, and continues also to take care of his mom, Paula. In addition to booking all types of travel & vacations for individuals, families, & groups, He has joined forces with the ministries of Joshua Travel and also with Dr. Dino Pedrone, to handle travel services for several tours yearly to the Holy Land. He can be contacted for travel services at or at (707)386-3909.

Blessings to you all & we’ll try to update again soon!
Tracy & Sharon Dartt

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