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February 6th Stone Dartt Health Update




Greetings, praying friends! There’s a lot going on & a lot to process right now. Over the weekend & leading up to my PET/CT scan Monday morning & the subsequent visit to the oncologist in the afternoon there was a lot of wondering about what more they might find. When I found out the scan would be from the top of my head down nearly to my knees you can imagine my mind went wild with all the possible areas to find cancer. I tried to remain calm & trust & be patient… “be still and know”.

Several hours later the verdict came in from the oncologist after he took time to look over the findings. The only surprises were that I apparently do NOT have cancer in the duodenum colon as I was originally told at the first hospital I went to back on January 9th. I do have the 10 masses in my liver & at least 1 mass in my pancreas, & I’m told that the lymph nodes behind the pancreas “lit up” a bit in the image as well, meaning there are cancer cells present. It was a relief that nothing else was found, & a relief to know my intestine/colon are cancer free… though the lymph nodes sound a bit on the scary side. I’ll be getting more clarification on that soon hopefully. What I have is not considered curable by the medical community. For those who aren’t aware, my diagnosis is a chronic low-grade neuroendocrine carcinoma (cancer) affecting the pancreas & liver. The oncologist feels that this is not something that will cause my “immediate demise”… he says some people live for years with it… & it tends to become more problematic & exhibit more troublesome symptoms over time. I’m told the liver is inoperable due to the fact of the multitude & sizes of the liver tumors. In my present condition, there’s only one type of medication available - one that only treats symptoms - & the jury is still out on whether I need it right now. I’ve been offered participation in a research study, but for now I’ve decided not to take part as it would completely up-end my life for only a 7-10% chance of tumor shrinkage. I’d much rather spend my time & efforts in dedicating myself to healthy living & diet with the hope of trying to reverse tumor growth.
All that being said, today is a good day. I feel well & good. Day by day I’m seeing some varied progress against the retched C-Diff bug I’ve been fighting. Making dietary changes, watching the symptoms, and treating with a probiotic & a high-potency manuka honey which has shown some promise. I’ll be finished with my 2nd round of antibiotics tomorrow (Thursday) & then hopefully I can begin the process of building back my gut bacteria. I expect to be off work through the end of the month in order to get plenty of rest, to regain my physical strength & get my immune system strong again, and to get some new lifestyle routines in place.
I am so very thankful that I don’t have to go through what I’m going through without the wonderful blessings of so many of you who have shared words of encouragement, prayer coverage, & financial assistance to help with the mountain of medical & living expenses in the face of being presently unable to work. I cannot thank you enough! Blessings to you all!
Many have felt led to give a gift of financial help & others have asked how they can do the same...
The fundraiser link is still active on my Stone Mountain Dartt Facebook page.
Mailed gifts can be made payable and sent to:
Stone Dartt
PO Box 422
Greenbrier, TN 37073
Thanks again!







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